Pokemon GO is bringing the dual Bug and Steel-type Mythical Pokemon Genesect (Burn) as the upcoming 5-star raid boss. The developers at Niantic are constantly rotating raid bosses, ensuring multiple Legendary and Mythical encounters. Genesect (Burn) is a potent monster that can perform exceptionally well with its robust move pool.

The Mythical Pokemon originates from the Unova region (Gen 6) and possesses a maximum Pokemon GO CP of 3791. Its stats and abilities boost even further as a 5-star raid boss. Solo trainers should avoid the raid and band together with other trainers. Forming a team with powerful counters helps defeat it. This guide explains everything one must know before attempting the Genesect (Burn) raid.

The Bug and Steel-type Mythical has impressive stats of 252 (ATK), 199 (DEF), and 174 (STA). As powerful as Genesect (Burn) is, trainers can exploit its weaknesses. The Pokemon is vulnerable against Fire-type moves but is resistant to Normal, Grass, Poison, Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Ice, Steel, and Psychic-type attacks in Pokemon GO. Trainers must avoid its resistance and build a battle roster around its weaknesses.

While catching a Mythical Pokemon can be challenging, getting a Mythical Shiny is more complex. Shiny Genesect is a collector's item due to its all-red look. The easiest way to get a Shiny Genesect (Burn) is to win the Genesect (Burn) raid.

After defeating the legendary Pokemon GO raid boss, Shiny Genesect (Burn) may appear nearby. While there's a chance of some trainers encountering a shiny, some might not since a shiny encounter isn't guaranteed. Trainers must participate and win multiple raids to catch up to its Shiny spawn rate and encounter a Shiny Genesect (Burn).