Iman Shumpert • Teyana Taylor • Cheating in a relationship • Kelly Price

Kelly Price stands up for Teyana Taylor following rumors that her husband, Iman Shumpert, cheated on her.

n a lengthy video Kelly Price shared her piece in regard to the situation. "Teyana is not a side piece, she's not a side h*e, she's a wife," Kelly Price began. "I went through it, but this is not about me. I listened to this blogger go off on Teyana. I'm actually emotional, I was venting to my husband because I get so angry when I see this kind of thing. We always talk about Black needing to support Black, Black needing to do this. I just listened to a female Black woman who is a blogger go in on Teyana Taylor, basically calling her all kinds of things. You know, the fact that she speaks up for her family. When there are allegations out there, that she comes to the defense of her family and... her husband. What else is she supposed to do? She's a wife, they have a family, they have a home, they own businesses together."