Wild West Stockholm: Gangland violence grips Swedish capital as rapper, 18, is executed on a sports field, a second man is shot dead and bomb blast kills innocent woman, 25, in her home within 12 hours

And early on Thursday morning, a 25-year-old woman died in an explosion that ripped through her home and four neighbouring buildings in Storvreta outside Uppsala, north of Stockholm

Footage of the bomb's aftermath shows the woman's building ripped apart, the smashed windows hanging haphazardly down the front of her home in a scene that witnesses have likened to a war zone

One man was killed and another was wounded in a shooting in Jordbro, south of the Swedish capital: Pictured officers and police dogs at the scene on Thursday morning 

Police officers investigate the scene where a young man was shot at a sports ground in southern Stockholm, Sweden, on Wednesday night 

The streets of the Swedish capital have descended into carnage amid a spate of lawlessness, with the three murders being committed within 12 hours of each other