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Sioux City officials plan to discuss the Gordon Drive viaduct project with the community

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU)– Both the City of Sioux City and the Iowa Department of Transportation are putting together a plan for the replacement of the Gordon Drive viaduct, and officials want input from the community before anything’s final.

“We’re looking at replacing the Gordon Drive viaduct,” Sioux City Engineer Gordon Phair said. “We’ll also be replacing the Bacon Creek culvert that’s under Gordon Drive.”

“We’re just very concerned with closures and losing business,” Tastee Inn & Out assistant general manager Michayla Snodgrass said. “We are a small business, this is our only location, so any loss of business is tough on us.”

Next week, the Iowa DOT will sit down with a variety of people in Sioux City to help clear the air and discuss the current ideas for the viaduct project.

“Major stakeholders such as the chamber of commerce, the city, a lot of the local utilities, we’re talking to law enforcement, and fire, transit, any one of us is going to be affected,” Phair said.

The day after the stakeholders meeting, businesses above, next to, and below the Gordon Drive viaduct will be given their chance to sit down and learn. Tastee Inn & Out is one of many businesses that would be impacted by the construction, and officials said they plan to attend the forum and ask a fair share of questions.

“If the roads are closed, are there going to be signs that’ll be able to direct people to our business? Will they know how to get here?” Snodgrass said. “We do have our Tastee people that love it so that we’ll know that they come, but it’s just those extra people that drive by and are like ‘oh, that sounds good,’ they can’t drive by and see it, they might not come.”

City officials said what they learn from next week’s meetings will be used to improve the viaduct project.

“Number one thing to remember is the design has not been set in stone,” Phair said. “So if someone sees something on the design or doesn’t think it’s going to work, by all means contact the DOT, contact the city.”

The stakeholders’ meeting will be held April 29, and the landowners’ meeting on April 30.

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