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Theodoru, an artist with a distinctive blend of surrealism and personal narrative, attributes his initial artistic inspiration to his father, an artist and taxidermist.

Growing up in such an environment, he developed a deep connection to art, which led him to the People’s Art School in Vienna in the early ’90s. His evolution continued as he embraced digital media, creating surreal photo-manipulations before advancing to 3D modeling, which significantly shaped his artistic style.

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His work, which he describes as character-based Pop Surrealism, is vibrant and whimsical yet underscored by darker themes, reflecting influences from classic cartoons and the grotesque elegance of Hieronymus Bosch. His art also incorporates elements of his personal trials, including survival from gunshot wounds, infusing his characters with resilience and hope.

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Theodoru’s creative process typically starts with sketches that evolve into detailed 3D models or ink drawings. He prefers using tools like MODO, Photoshop, and Illustrator, which suit his versatile artistic needs.

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When facing creative blocks, Theodoru indulges in hobbies like collecting vintage toys or exploring the city, finding these activities rejuvenating. His advice to aspiring artists is to engage deeply with their work, embrace their unique visions, and persist despite challenges.

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