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NORFOLK, Neb. (KCAU) — The Norfolk Fire Division is highlighting the benefits of Safety Cloud Technology that was added to the city’s emergency response vehicles.  

Norfolk enhancing public safety with 'innovative' technology

According to a release, the innovative HAAS Safety Cloud platform allows Norfolk Fire to transmit crucial alerts to nearby motorists to inform them of approaching emergency vehicles. The technology works by delivering real-time information to drivers through connected vehicle systems and navigation applications.  

“We are grateful for this technology to help inform the public they may be approaching an emergency, or an emergency vehicle may be approaching their location,” Assistant Fire Chief Trevor O’Brien said. “Since September of 2023, when we started using this technology, we have alerted drivers 17,483 times as of the end of March.”  

The release specified that when emergency vehicles are equipped with the Safety Cloud approach, nearby drivers receive instant notifications that allow them to safely yield and make way for responding units.  

“This is a very useful tool to help keep the public and emergency responders safe while responding and working at incident scenes,” O’Brien said. “Emergency vehicle-related accidents are one of the greatest risks that face responders today. If you are alerted to these situations, please avoid an emergency area and or pull over to the right and stop if a response vehicle is approaching. Do not stop in round-a-bouts or intersections, responders may need to use these areas to access emergencies. We are hopeful this is a helpful tool for us all and we are looking forward to the future. “  

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