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How to protect you and your pets this tick season

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Now that Siouxland is seeing some warmer weather, certain bugs and insects are starting to make their way out of hiding, including one unwelcome parasite.  

Tick season is here, and if you’re planning on being out in grassy or wooded areas, it’s recommended to wear long clothing. Also, don’t forget to check your pet to help prevent bacterial infections, parasites and Lyme disease.   

The best way to protect your furry friends is to have them seen and tested by a vet and vaccinated for Lyme disease. 

“You could also get a topical flea and tick treatment that will also keep ticks off of them,” Sioux City Animal Adoption and Rescue Center director Cindy Rarrat said. “Any time that you’re in a highly infested area, make sure you check your pets before you bring them in the homes and remove the tick with tweezers.” 

Although it’s still early in the season, being proactive before the hot months hit can be key to protecting your pets. 

“We see them more toward the summer months, but it is beginning, so be very vigilant making sure your animals are vaccinated, make sure they’ve had their testing, and make sure they’ve had their preventative,” Rarrat said.

Managing your landscape by removing leaves, dirt, and vegetative covers can help protect you and your pets from ticks.

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