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Productive Desk Accessory Concepts : yazak

A team of designers comprised of Jiye Lee, Seoyeong Jang, Junhong Yang, Taeyoon Kim, and Jeongeun Kim created the YAZAK concept. It is a product that plays on the Korean word for midnight snacks and is the latest to join a capsule of ‘deskterior’ accessories. It keeps users entertained and ensures that they stay productive during late-night work. Kicking off with the TEMPO — it is both a timer and a desk lamp.

The overhead illumination has an arm that stretches out to boast a trail of light that can decrease as time goes on. When it is entirely off, it encourages users to take a break and visually indicate time passing by. The DODULE is a modular scheduler that is comprised of a series of stacked discs — each one representing a project or deadline with a ball on top to mark the time passing by. The PLOP is a coaster to indicate when it is time to hydrate. BITLE helps with posture by indicating any lack of balance using a ball. SWIBLE rounds it out, which is a side table with a swiveling top.

Image Credit: Jiye Lee, Seoyeong Jang, Junhong Yang, Taeyoon Kim, Jeongeun Kim

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