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President Joe Biden unleashed on Donald Trump during a fundraiser in Nevada on Sunday, indicating he’s considered punching his Republican rival and noting he has to ‘hold his Irish temper’ around him.

The fighting words came as Biden talked about Trump’s reported comments that fallen American soldiers were ‘suckers’ and ‘losers,’ growing angry as he brought up his late son Beau, who served in the Delaware National Guard in Iraq, before he died in 2015.

‘I have to hold my Irish temper. I’m glad I wasn’t with him. I’m not sure what I would’ve done. He said they’re all suckers and losers,’ Biden said of Trump.

Biden then raised his voice and sounded angry as he referred to his late son: ‘My son was not a sucker nor were any of yours. Who does this guy think he is talking about Americans?’

Joe’s fighting talk for sick f**k Trump: Biden unleashes on GOP rival during Las Vegas fundraiser, warning he has to ‘hold his Irish temper’ around him

President Joe Biden arrived in Las Vegas on Sunday afternoon

Biden repeated an abbreviated version of his fundraising talk during his rally in Las Vegas later that night, toning down his direct threats.

He was more direct and forceful when speaking to a small group of wealthy donors in Henderson, Nevada, which is about 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas when he issued his fighting words. 

He has grown more forceful in recent weeks when he talks about Trump.  And Sunday’s talk included a more personal side for Biden, talking about his late son.

His words also indicated what he thinks of Trump as reports came out that Biden refers to the former president as a ‘sick f***’ in conversations with his close aides and longtime friends, Politico reported. 

Biden specifically on Sunday referred to a time in 2018, when Trump was president and reportedly didn’t want to visit a cemetery near Paris for Americans who fought and died in World War I because it was filled with ‘suckers’ and ‘losers,’ his chief of staff at the time claimed. Trump has denied that.

In his forceful and animated comments at Sunday’s fundraiser, Biden repeated his charges that Trump is a threat to democracy.

He also referred to Trump as ‘Donald Hoover Trump’ (a Herbert Hoover reference) and attacked his record on jobs, as well as Trump’s comments hoping for a recession while Biden was still in office.

‘It sounds unbelievable, un-American, that a sitting — that a former president seeking the office is hoping for a recession,’ Biden said.

The Biden campaign sees Trump, who is leading the polls for the GOP nomination, as their rival in the 2024 general election, setting up a grudge match between the two men.

Polls show a rematch to be at a statical tie and many other surveys show voters would like an alternative choice to either man. 

Biden was in Nevada to court black voters as polls show his support is diminishing among that community. 

He met with black leaders, according to his campaign, and held a get-out-the-vote rally in a traditionally black neighborhood outside Vegas’ famous strip.

Then-President Donald Trump at the American Cemetery of Suresnes, outside Paris, on November 11, 2018

Then-President Donald Trump at the American Cemetery of Suresnes, outside Paris, on November 11, 2018

President Joe Biden at a campaign rally in Las Vegas on Sunday

President Joe Biden at a campaign rally in Las Vegas on Sunday

Courting black voters has been the theme of Biden’s three-day trip to the West Coast. 

The president was in Los Angeles on Saturday night to court the same voting bloc, meeting with black entertainment leaders who were in town for the Grammys.

Biden’s stop in Nevada comes as the state wraps up early voting for the presidential preference primary. Election Day for the primary is Tuesday, Feb. 6. The president last visited Nevada in December.

Biden faces only token opposition in Nevada’s primary, similarly to what he faced in South Carolina’s primary on Saturday, where he won with 97% of the vote. 

He visited the historic Westside, an area northwest of the Las Vegas casino ‘strip,’ where black Americans founded their own casinos and clubs about 100 years ago because of segregation. 

Biden narrowly beat Trump in Nevada by 33,596 votes, or less than 3%, in 2020, and opinion polls show a rematch between the two men, which seems likely in 2024, would be just as close. 

Tuesday’s Republican and Democratic primary also gives voters the options to vote for ‘None of these candidates.’ 

The president has taken advantage of his firm position at the top of the Democratic ticket to shore up support in states and with voting blocs that will be vital to his re-election. 

That includes those all-important black voters. It was black voters in South Carolina that saved Biden’s 2020 bid for the presidency, giving him a massive win in that primary that propelled him to the nomination. 

In Los Angeles on Saturday, the president swung by George Lucas’ $32 million Bel Air mansion on Saturday night to woo Democratic supporters who were in town for the Grammys.

Biden arrived in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon and headed straight for the 9,000 square foot, 9-bedroom and 8-bath home in a private, gated community. Jill Biden, who was traveling with her husband to the West Coast, swung off to go to her own event with supporters.

Biden was reported to be meeting with black entertainment leaders. Lucas’ wife Mellody Hobson is the CEO of Ariel Investments and the chairwoman of Starbucks Corporation. She is the former chairwoman of DreamWorks Animation.

The president’s meeting comes as polls show the president’s support among black voters as falling and as Donald Trump appears to be wrapping up the Republican presidential nomination.

And it comes after the United States and Britain struck 36 targets Houthi targets in Yemen on Saturday in a second wave of assaults intended to further disable Iran-backed proxy militias

President Joe Biden  and First Lady Jill Biden are greeted by (from left) Senator Alex Padilla, his son Diego Cruz Padilla and Rep. Maxine Waters after arriving in Los Angeles

President Joe Biden  and First Lady Jill Biden are greeted by (from left) Senator Alex Padilla, his son Diego Cruz Padilla and Rep. Maxine Waters after arriving in Los Angeles

President Biden is meeting entertainment leaders at the Bel Air home of George Lucas and Mellody Hobson (see above in 2016)

President Biden is meeting entertainment leaders at the Bel Air home of George Lucas and Mellody Hobson (see above in 2016)

Biden is on a three-day West Coast trip focused on his re-election bid. It’s his third round of political visits this week – on Tuesday he was in Florida for fundraisers and, on Thursday, he went to Detroit to speak to auto union workers. 

Many of the attendees for his Los Angeles meeting were in town for Sunday’s Grammys ceremony. 

The Biden campaign ran a campaign ad during the Grammys that will focus on Biden’s support for abortion rights, which Democrats are pushing as a massive issue in the 2024 election. 

The Bidens did not attend the music awards ceremony – although Jill Biden did go last year – but spoke with the industry leaders about the issues at stake in the election and how they can use their platforms to mobilize voters, Deadline reported. 

Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars franchise, and Hobson bought the house in 2017 from a corporation with ties to Texas billionaire oilman Ross Perot. They paid $33.9 million for the home, which was built in 1929. It features a swimming pool, fountains, and a putting green.

Hobson’s name was, at one point, in the running for Treasury Secretary when some black lawmakers wanted an African American nominee. Biden eventually nominated Janet Yellen.  Hobson, a black billionaire businesswoman, donated to Biden’s 2020 campaign.

Biden’s declining support among black voters is one of the many red flags Democrats have been waving as polls show a Trump-Biden rematch in 2024 is essentially a tie. 

After Trump won the New Hampshire primary, the Biden campaign declared him to have essentially locked up the Republican nomination and has focused their firing power on the former president. 

Some Democrats fret Biden isn’t being tough enough on his Republican nemesis as his campaign focuses on hiring staff – particularly in key states – and increasing its massive campaign chest.

Key White House staff – including Jen O’Malley Dillon, Mitch Landrieu and Mike Donilon – have moved over to the campaign. O’Malley Dillon was the campaign manager for Biden’s successful 2020 run. 

Biden raised more than $97 million in the final three months of last year for his re-election campaign.

Trump, meanwhile, is bleeding money out of his PAC in the form of legal expenses.

Donald Trump’s Save America leadership PAC and the Make America Great Again PAC spent $56 million on legal fees last year, a figure that includes $30 million in the last half of the year.

Still the president has vulnerabilities that has loyalists worried. In addition to his age – at 81 he is the oldest American ever elected president – a USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll out last month showed he has the support of just 63% of black voters, a group he carried by a whooping 87% in 2020.

Biden has stepped up his wooing efforts, including making trips to South Carolina, whose black voters gave him his first primary win in the 2020 contest. He won the state’s Democratic primary easily on Saturday with 97% of the vote but only faced token opposition.

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