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How to avoid a flooded basement and what to do if it happens

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU)– As temperatures reach over 32 degrees, there are multiple ways for water to seep into homes. A local expert said this time of the year is busy for cleaning and restoration companies with homeowners reaching out for help.

“You have water lines freeze and break, or you have ice dams on the roofs,” Lehi Tonga with Paul Davis Restoration said. “Or even where you’ve had so much snow collect around the perimeter of the home, and as that starts to melt, then it goes down into your basement.”

If left unchecked, homeowners could experience anything from small puddles to a new pool in their basements.

Before calling experts, Tonga said finding the reason behind the flooding is key.

“First and foremost is to make sure that you have the correct personal protective equipment, so making sure you have boots on, gloves, stuff like that is key,” he said. “And then figuring out where the source of the problem came from, so did a water line break, is it coming from my roof, is it coming from the foundation walls, how did this water come in?”

It can be costly to repair your home after your basement floods. However, there are ways to avoid a flooded basement.

“If you do have a lot of snow around your house, we tell people to shovel that snow away from the perimeter of your home, because when it starts to melt it’s going to go straight into your basement,” Tonga said. “We tell people to clear out any exhaust pipes coming from the lines from your air conditioner or your heater.”

If you still have water left after professionals take care of the major issues, Tonga recommends using a dehumidifier and, if necessary, a bucket to get rid of the last of the water.

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