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Taking your New Year’s Resolutions one step at a time

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Whether you’re looking to leave a habit behind in 2023 or start something new in 2024, the best way to ensure that you keep your New Year’s resolution is to take it step by step. 

“The beginning of the year is just a fresh time to look at what you want to change in your life,” said Heartland Counseling Services Inc. executive director Jennifer Jackson.  

The new year is a good time for a fresh start, and with New Year’s resolutions, many people are looking to change their ways. 

One common resolution is to start going to the gym, or hit a certain physical goal by the end of the year.

“We definitely have a rise in people that come in and get started in the gym with lots of goals and things like that,” Shawn Frankl’s Big Iron Gym trainer Luke Dreier said. “At the start of the new year we see a lot of people who are highly motivated to make a change.”

But after the first couple of months, people will start to give up on their fitness journey after having a resolution that seems too out of reach. 

“Instead of looking at them like one giant thing, like ‘I want to lose 100 pounds this year’, realizing that’s a really large goal, maybe thinking more in terms of ‘I want to lose one to two pounds per week,’” said Dreier. “Or setting a goal of showing up to the gym three or four times a week, and taking it one day at a time instead of maybe a giant yearly goal.”

Outside of the gym, many people may be targeting their mind as the muscle they want to exercise in the new year. 

“It’s important to look at your mental health because it can change your perspective on what you’re going to achieve for that year,” said Siouxland Mental Health Center marketing & fundraising coordinator Morgan Haskell. “It will help you not only set your goals but achieve your goals.” 

Similarly to going to the gym in order to achieve those physical goals, it’s best to take your mental health resolutions one step at a time to make sure you make it all the way to December. 

“Just having certain checkpoints throughout the year, rather than trying to fit it all in at once, that will keep you ongoing throughout the whole entire year,” said Haskell. 

If you feel that you may lose sight of your goal, one good way to stay on track is by finding someone to help you along on your journey.  

“Having an accountability partner, I think, is really helpful,” said Heartland Counseling’s Jennifer Jackson. “That way you can be checking in with them, they can be checking in with you.” 

Research has found that only 9% of Americans that make resolutions complete them. When starting the new year, try to keep your resolutions simple and grow from there.

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