Ukrainian drone hits residential building in Russia (VIDEO) — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
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One person was injured in the incident in the city of Tula, according to the governor

A Ukrainian drone has hit a residential block in the Russian city of Tula, some 193km south of Moscow, Tula Region governor Aleksey Dyumin has said.

At least four UAVs were shot down by air defenses in the region amid a large-scale drone attack on Russia from the Ukrainian territory on Sunday, according to the local administration.

One of those drones “after losing control, crashed into an apartment block in Tula,” Dyumin said, as cited by the administration.

Windows in three apartments have been shattered, but “there was no serious damage,” he said. The official added that one person, who was “slightly injured” in the incident, has already received medical assistance.

The residents of the building were briefly evacuated to a nearby kindergarten. But they’ve already returned to their homes, according to the administration.

Those from the affected apartments are currently staying with their relatives as the windows are being fixed. They’ve also been offered accommodations at a hotel, it added.

According to the Mash Telegram channel, the drone crashed into the building on the 12th floor. It added that the person who had been injured was hit in the foot.

Videos have emerged on social media showing the destruction caused by the drone in one of the apartments. CCTV cameras have also captured the moment of the explosion and alarms going off in parked cars.

Russian air defenses have destroyed 20 Ukrainian attack drones in Moscow, Tula, Kaluga, and Bryansk Regions overnight, the Defense Ministry said. There have been reports of more UAVs coming in during the day.

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