Denise Richards on Why Charlie Sheen Approves of Sami’s OnlyFans Career – Hollywood Life
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Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards
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It seems Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Denise Richards have come to an agreement on their 19-year-old daughter Sami‘s OnlyFans career. Denise said in a new podcast interview that Charlie’s perspective changed after Sami financially got on her own feet. “When she first did OnlyFans he was not happy and I think was public about it, which she didn’t appreciate and he’s changed his tune,” the Drop Dead Gorgeous star said during a recent episode of Bethenny Frankel‘s Just B podcast.

“He changed his tune when she bought a Mercedes and moved into a house so maybe he was like, ‘maybe this ain’t so bad after all!”‘

Charlie recently addressed his unfavorable reaction to Sami’s initial announcement that she’d be joining the platform at the age of 18. “I had a knee-jerk reaction to it because of the reputation that preceded it,” he told Bustle in an interview published on October 31. “I was just like, ‘Oh, this can only go bad. That flies in the face of my approach to things normally, but I think when your child is involved, it presents as just a whole different alternative set of circumstances.”

Still, he’s since acknowledged that his daughter needs “support” from her family amid the controversial career choice. “She’s doing this, and it can only be a much more successful and pleasant experience with the support of myself, her mom and others,” the actor said. “I have to have confidence, and just know in my heart that all of her virtues and all the wonderfulness that makes her, her, come with her. I believe her to be incorruptible.”

When Sami initially announced her new career, Charlie famously lashed out with an angry response blaming Denise. “She is 18 years old now and living with her mother. This did not occur under my roof,” the Two And A Half Men star told Us Weekly in a June 2022 statement. “I do not condone this but since I’m unable to prevent it, I urged her to keep it classy, creative and not sacrifice her integrity.”

After Denise publicly came to her daughter’s defense, Charlie backtracked. “Denise has illuminated a variety of salient points, that in my haste, I overlooked and dismissed,” he told Us Weekly days later, via his publicist, Jeff Ballard. “Now more than ever, it’s essential that Sami have a united parental front to rely upon, as she embarks on this new adventure. From this moment forward, she’ll have it abundantly.”

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