Dallas Cowboys vs Giants odds: Dallas is a 15.5-point favorite in Week 10
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The Dallas Cowboys went to Philadelphia in Week 9 and somehow lost a heart-breaker to the Eagles, 28-23. The Cowboys gave themselves every opportunity to win the game, but two potential scores, a touchdown and a two-point conversion, came up just short, and then the team botched the last 30 seconds when they had a golden chance to pull off a victory.

Dallas, and their fans, will likely look back at this game at the end of the year and realize just how much it shaped their season. The NFC East and any kind of home field advantage in the playoffs may have just left the building, Of course, a few weeks from now things could look very different, and that includes after the Cowboys play the New York Giants in Week 10. Dallas already blew out the Giants 40-0 to start the year, and now they get the team from Gotham at home.

According to DraftKings Sportsbook, Dallas is a 15.5-point favorite over the Giants.

The Cowboys should be able to get back on track next week against the Giants who were crushed this week 30-6 by a not-very-good Las Vegas Raiders team who had just fired their coach. To add to the Giants’ problems, there is a fear as of the writing of this article that QB Daniel Jones tore his ACL in that game.

Dallas should have an easy game next week, but the sting of not winning this one against the Eagles will linger.

Would you give the 15.5 points and bet on Dallas?

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