Former Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo subject of new documentary
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The life story of former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was always made for Hollywood. Rising through the ranks of undrafted free agency to becoming the starting quarterback for America’s Team is about as Cinderella-story as it gets in the National Football League. There is perhaps no more recognizable position in sports than the signal-caller with a star on his helmet, a post that Romo held as the team’s starter for a decade and change.

As a result of the attention that Romo experienced while the Cowboys quarterback, his story has been told many times and by many different people; however, a new take on his story has dropped by way of ZGN Productions. They put together a documentary, Now or Never: A Tony Romo Story, that premiered on digital on Friday.

The film is available for purchase or rent on any of the platforms that you see in the graphic. You can also follow ZGN Productions or the documentary itself on Instagram at the handles in the image.

I’ve interviewed the director of the documentary, Chris Hanna, twice recently and can say that the story of how they made it is quite the tale in and of itself. What began as a dream for Hanna became a reality only to face all sorts of trials along the way. You can hear him tell his side of everything that he and his team went through in our conversation from late August.

Something that I used to say was that knowing that Tony Romo was a very good quarterback was like a password to a secret club. When you found someone else who recognized what you did, an immediate kinship was born. His career happened across a time where the internet, including BTB, became more prominent which allowed us to share that connection with one another from all sorts of places.

Those things are a part of our stories with Romo and this documentary is about his story. It focuses on his upbringing, his Mexican-American heritage and the improbability of his success. I encourage everyone to watch it and hope you all enjoy if you do.

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