STAIND front man Aaron Lewis is slammed for spelling out ‘Trump 24’ using the carcasses of 32 dead coyotes
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  • Lewis was branded ‘vile and pathetic’ by animal rights group PETA and blasted by fans
  • He took the photo in Texas to promote his current tour 
  • Lewis is a conservative singer who has been a vocal supporter of Donald Trump

Staind front man Aaron Lewis has been slammed after posting an image of 32 dead Coyotes spelling out ‘Trump 24’ on his Instagram.

The 51-year-old rocker-turned-country singer was branded ‘horrible and sick’ over the display which he shared on Wednesday.

Lewis is a vocal conservative and has long been an admirer of Donald Trump and supported him during the 2016 presidential election.

The photo op was designed to promote his upcoming solo tour of the US to his 476,000 followers.

 He captioned the image: ‘Successful morning in Texas. Presale for AFL 2024 dates starts today. Use code AFL2024 to get priority access before tickets go on sale this Friday.’

Staind frontman Aaron Lewis has been blasted by PETA after he shared a photo spelling out Trump 24 using dead coyotes

But instead the stunt has earned a fierce backlash, including from animal rights group PETA.

Senior Vice President Lisa Lange said: ‘How vile and pathetic that a washed-up musician, desperate for relevance, terrorized and killed animals to get a brief taste of the attention he obviously craves.

‘Just like the dogs who share our homes, coyotes feel pain and fear and love their families, and because they’re one of the few species found in nearly every U.S. state, they’re beloved by many as America’s “song dog”. 

‘PETA encourages Aaron Lewis to seek attention through some act of kindness, rather than slaughtering individuals who are simply trying to eke out an existence in an increasingly paved-over world.’

His actions also sparked uproar in the comment section of the post. 

One Instagram user wrote: ‘You are SICK Aaron.’, while another posted ‘what a creep’.

One woman identifying herself as a Republican said: ‘I don’t care if this is legal or not, I find this very disturbing.

‘It takes a very evil heart to do this. Unfollowing and hope you lose a lot of fans. I’m not giving up any mother for you.’

The guitarist (pictured center with the rest of Staind) describes himself as conservative and is a vocal supporter of Donald Trump

The guitarist (pictured center with the rest of Staind) describes himself as conservative and is a vocal supporter of Donald Trump

Animal lovers flooded Lewis' Instagram page with angry comments after he shared the post fro Texas on Wednesday

Animal lovers flooded Lewis’ Instagram page with angry comments after he shared the post fro Texas on Wednesday

Lewis was branded 'disturbing' by people across the political spectrum

Fans criticized the move as a 'grotesque' attention seeking stunt

Instagram users were quick to condemn the stunt, which was designed to promote Lewis’ current solo tour

Another commenter wrote: ‘Playing with dead animals is grotesque. What a way to get attention’.

While another branded the move ‘animal sacrifice’. He said: ‘All politics aside this is cult like behavior. Who kills animals and rearranges it into anyone’s name? This is animal sacrifice.’ 

But not everyone condemned Lewis’ actions, with many pointing out that coyotes are troublesome predators. 

One fan wrote: ‘Thank you for harvesting predators that aren’t in check. You save our farm animals, pets, and edible wild game. Can’t wait for the show tonight.’

Another added: ‘Isn’t it funny how this gets the city folk all riled up? To all the whiners out there: These are coyotes y’all!

‘They attack and kill your pets and very expensive farm animals! This is population control. It’s necessary to protect other animals. You love animals right? 

‘Well, they’re literally protecting many animals by removing these coyotes. Now go sip on your soy latte and whine about the bad people with bang bangs.’

In Texas coyotes are not classed as game species meaning they can be hunted all year with a license. Lewis was in the state as part of his solo acoustic tour.

In 2019 the rocker made headlines after he stormed off stage because the crowd was too loud. 

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