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The feline arrives at a gathering of wild animals. The cat doesn’t feel like it fits in; in fact, it feels as though the others are afraid of it. But then the cat meets a Jack Russell terrier, and the two become fast friends. One day, the dog has a new pal and no longer wants to be friends with the cat. The heartbroken cat does not understand but eventually moves on, meets new friends, and is happy once more. The narrative is a bit unclear at times—we don’t know why the creatures have all gathered here, for instance, and at one point the cat mentions that it doesn’t hear well but doesn’t explain why. However, this vagueness also allows young readers to project their own experiences onto those of the cat, and many children will readily relate to feeling alone and friendless. Translated from Spanish, the text is simple and emotional, though sometimes stilted. The collagelike illustrations are the book’s strong point. Evocative and unique, they employ both color and grayscale. The photorealistic animal characters are depicted with readable emotions and a touch of personification; adults and children alike will be rapt. (This book was reviewed digitally.)

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