Taylor Swift Reveals 1989 Vault Tracks on Google Search

You’ve got a blank space in your Google search bar — and if you write Taylor Swift’s name, you might get a surprise. Swift is revealing vault tracks from her latest release, 1989 (Taylor’s Version), by challenging fans to solve 1989-themed word puzzles on the search engine. Because if there’s one thing Swifties are good at, it’s puzzles. Here’s how it works: Google “Taylor Swift,” click the vault, and solve the puzzle. Per Google, there are 89 different puzzles (for obvious reasons), and once 33 million are solved globally, the vault will be cracked open. Not that Swift needed the SEO help, but the strategy is working — according to Google Trends, search interest in her name has more than tripled in the last hour. Tree Paine, you’ve done it again.

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